Ceremony Music

During your ceremony there are a number of areas to consider when we plan your wedding Ceremony Music, each area may have their own style and emotions. We may spend a fair bit of time and effort selecting the right music, so we can ensure that the ceremony is smooth, graceful and faultless.

To ensure your Ceremony Music is conducted professionally and gracefully, I can help you choose just the right type of music for the different elements of your Wedding Ceremony. On the day I will use a discreet sound system that will be suited to the room you have chosen for the Ceremony.

The Prelude music will be at a low level so that your guests are still able to relax and have a conversation, the Pre-Processional will be timed perfectly ready for musical announcement of the Bride with the processional. During the Interlude, the music will allow the Registrars to talk without having to raise their voices, and your guests able to relax and quietly chat to one another as the formalities are performed. The Recessional music will lead you down aisle to your carefully chosen track and finally, your guests will benefit from the gentle but provoking music to follow you out of the ceremony room ready for you to be congratulated.

Determining the style of your Wedding Ceremony

Setting the theme for your entire wedding ceremony may depend on several different factors such as the venue, season, your age, beliefs and values to name but a few.  As with every single aspect of your wedding day, the wedding ceremony needs to reflect your characters to help cement your personal touch to what will be seen as the most relevant part of your entire day.

Step 1 - Prelude Music

Whilst your guests are getting seated, the ceremony room is a buzz of excitement and chatter all awaiting the arrival of the bride to be.  Your music selection needs to be able to set the mood – gentle jazz or perhaps chamber music works perfectly.  The music shouldn’t be overpowering, it should however compliment the mood of anticipation.

Step 2 - Pre-Procesessional Music

Why not choose a piece of music that you both love, or pehaps a piece of music that expresses the love you have for one another.  A special piece of music, a secret piece that only you both know about.  This can be played just before the Processional – a kind of “Hello, I’m here…”

Step 3 - Processional Music

There are of course two very distinct styles here.

The Traditional Processional piece will be at a tempo that the Bride and the Father of the Bride can walk at a comfortable pace.  Fast enough to get there before the music ends, but slow enough to build some excitement and suspense as the Wedding Party walks down the aisle.

The more upbeat version of this can be seen on many an American YouTube video as the Wedding Party, Bridesmaids, Ushers, Groomsmen even the Bride & Groom make a choreographer entrance into the Ceremony Room.  This is a great fun thing to do, and will really set the pace and style for the rest of the day.  If this is something that you fancy, do let me know as I know a couple of people who are well versed in Choreographing these kinds of routines just for this occasion.

Step 4 - Brides Entrance

For a traditional entrance, something along the lines of Wagners Bridal Chorus (here comes the bride….), but don’t feel too afraid to do something that’s more…… you!  The days of 100% traditional weddings are long gone, your wedding day is about the celebration of your marriage.

Step 5 - Signing of the Register

This is basically background music.  Again, as the music is not there to create atmosphere, rather simply just to prevent there being complete silence, something gentle, relaxing and non-evoking should be played.  Quite often live music is played, songs sung or poems read.

Step 6 - Recessional Music

Well you’re married now!  So, the music at this stage of the ceremony should reflect the joyeous occasion that it is.  Upbeat, lively and happy!