We’re back supplying first class wedding DJ Services, in a slightly different way!!

Just so you know, throughout the Coronovirus pandemic we have been strictly following the government guidelines.
We’ll continue to do so, and may need to adjust your wedding services should the restrictions change.

We can still provide a first class wedding entertainment service, just in a slightly different way.
Ask me for details…

We are part of the Wedding Industry and work with wedding locations and other providers to give a safe, fun and relaxed environment for you event or wedding.

Currently Evening Wedding Receptions are NOT allowed and you can’t have loud music, singing, dancing… the fun bits. Luckily, we can adapt and provide an ‘All Day Service’ to make your entire day an enjoyable, memorable party. Leaving out the evening and making a few minor adjustments;

Option 1

You hold a wedding ceremony, have a nice meal for you guests, then go home.

Option 2

Make use of our 1st class wedding service to give you and your guests a fun, enjoyable and memorable day, that you’ll never forget.

What can we provide for your big day?


Background music is permissible, but rather than listen to a cd played on a cheap hifi system, we can help you create the perfect playlist and allow us to mix this and listen through our high end speaker system ? Still at background levels of course.

Casual Master of Ceremonies

As mentioned weddings at the moment are a little different. Having someone there to help inform and guide people take the stress away and provides your guests with information about what they can look forward too.

Microphones for Speeches

Something a lot overlook, but speeches with raised voices are not allowed. So nobody misses out we can provide a microphone and speaker system so everyone can hear clearly.

Mr & Mrs

A fun game not too dissimilar to the TV show you may have seen. Social Distancing is still observed as you, the bride and groom, are exempt from distancing yourself from each other, luckily…


Everyone loves a game of bingo and will certainly keep Grandma happy.

Music Bingo

A bit of a twist to the usual bingo game in that instead of calling out numbers, we play music and you mark off the songs played on your bingo card


From a traditional quiz to maybe a bespoke quiz about you, or even your guests, the possibilities are endless. For the techy parties, we can even supply a quiz which people answer using their mobile phones instead of pen and paper.


Even through the day this can help subtly set the mood and ambience of your room.

Also, if you have your own ideas don’t be afraid to tell us, we can probably help.

If you like to know more, please contact me for a chat on 07886 323729 and I’ll help you have the perfect day