Dancing on a Cloud

Dry ice – for the ultimate ‘dancing on the clouds’ effect

I use real dry ice bought from a specialist company so that the effect is stunning and authentic. If you’ve ever seen shows like X factor or The Voice – you will have seen dry ice in action.

Floor hugging clouds will fill the dancefloor creating an awe-inspiring effect for your guests while you are dancing away to your first dance. The photographs of your stunning first dance will be the talking point for many happy years to come.

The whole effect will be used for your first dance with the memories and your stunning photos lasting a lifetime. Dry ice is the ultimate 1st Dance experience.

Using dry ice for your first dance will create the perfect ‘dancing on the clouds’ feeling and look, after all how many weddings have you been to that have had dry ice?

My Dry-Ice machine is small and black so as not to be intrusive. It is filled with 15 litres of hot water and it is activated by loading it with approximately 10lbs of dry ice. I prefer to use pellets as they are easier to handle and gives a more consistent effect. The machine is loaded approximately 5 minutes before it is set to be used and rolled to the side of the dancefloor, away from view, where it is activated for the first dance.

So what causes the effect?

When dry ice is added to hot water a dense white fog is immediately generated. The white fog is water vapor with thousands of tiny water droplets just like fog created naturally.

What’s happening is that the very cold dry ice is subliming from solid to the gaseous phase and bubbling through the water. In doing so the CO2 gas leaves the water container which has a substantial amount of water saturated air above it. The cold CO2 gas condenses water molecules in the air above the container leading to the formation of water vapor that stays in suspension with the gas.

Within our Professional grade dry ice machine all this happens without any attention being brought to the machine so that all eyes are centre stage and on the most important part, the bride and groom.

The only difference between natural fog and dry ice fog is the presence of gaseous CO2 interspersed with the water droplets. CO2 gas is heavier than air and so tends to carry the white fog towards ground level creating amazing effects!

The fog will cover the ground it can roll down stairs and swirl around your feet when walked through. It does not rise into light beams like normal fog machines and will not make a fine mist in the air like haze machines. Dry ice fog has no odour, contains no harmful chemicals, and leaves no oily residue.


Only some DJ’s have invested in the right equipment to produce this effect, and it’s not a cheap effect to create with the dry ice having to be bought from a specialist company. So make sure if someone quotes you cheaper or offers to create this effect for free check that is it actually dry ice that they are using and not a cheap alternative.

I have seen advertised on other DJ’s websites that they can create this effect but they use a cheap redesigned fog machine with the normal chemicals and add standard tap water and normal ice to chill the fog chemical to keep the fog low. This gives a lack lustre effect and once the fog is disturbed it warms up – it WILL rise and end up with fire alarms being activated, but with our dry ice it can be used at any venue.

To see the ultimate ‘dancing on the clouds’ effect why not visit my facebook page as it's constantly being updated with new photos in a range of venues across the midlands.