Spectacular Sparkle Fountain

Spectacular Sparkle Fountains – Amazing State of the Art that gives that “WOW” Factor Effect for your Wedding
Grand Entrances … Cutting of your wedding cake... First Dance...Last Dance….
As a wedding expert, I am always looking for that special “WOW” factor for my clients – and I am excited to introduce an old favourite – previously unavailable because you needed special licences and insurance. This is BRAND NEW state of the art machinery that recreates that amazing sparkler effect without traditional pyrotechnics.

It’s amazing and a definite "WOW" Sparkular offers a phenomenal indoor fireworks display without the firework risks. It has taken pyrotechnics to the most innovative levels possible as it contains no explosive or hazardous content. There is the ability to control duration and height as well as create stunning displays that have never been able to recreate until now.
These machines create the timeless sparkler effect without the smoke and heat associated with traditional fireworks meaning this is completely safe. The sparks are cold and completely safe. There’s no smoke either, so like all my special effects that I provide there’s absolutely no health and safety issues, no risk to venues but absolutely the "WOW"factor.

The effect is pure ‘WOW’ – but without the dangers, threats and trouble of fireworks.
SPARKULAR can be used to enhance Grand Entrances, New Product launches, First Dances, and more…
(this is a new safe effect that does not generate heat like traditional pyrotechnics / fireworks)
The Sparkular effect would look amazing on its own, or accompanied with a white starlit dance floor and dry ice

The Sparkular Fountains are an amazing new technology that allows this absolutely stunning effect to be used without any safety concerns, because unlike traditional pyrotechnics, this new technology uses a brand new method that recreates this beautiful effect without generating any heat or smoke, meaning that there is no fire risk involved in using these Sparkular machines in venues.
Your wedding pictures will look absolutely stunning, as will as your wedding videos. Your guests will be looking on in absolute awe as they see the sparks literally fly as you both undertake your first dance together. Or imagine being introduced for the first time into the room to greet your friends
and family and as you enter, sparkle fountains magically start as you begin to enter.
I will supply 2 sparkular machines, and set them off during pinnacle moments of your wedding for maximum impact. Typically during :
* Your grand entrance, as you enter as a married couple
* During your first dance
The Sparkle fountains are available exclusively for clients who have engaged my DJ services – Contact me for availability and prices

To see the ultimate Spectacular Sparkle Fountain ’ effect why not visit my facebook page as it's constantly being updated with new photos in a range of venues across the midlands.