Tom Foolery


Do you feel as though every wedding you’ve been to has been the same? With photobooths being very popular and popping up at a lot of weddings there’s no denying that most see this as a way to spice the night up. But have you ever thought of how this could be impacting the dancefloor during the night. Whilst friends and family strike poses in the cowboy hats and 80’s wigs it means they wont be on the dancefloor having a ball! The dancefloor ends up lessening the effect of the photobooth and vice versa.

Hidden inside, you’ll find inflatable instruments, mad hats, crazy wigs, massive glasses, an inflatable banana (for reasons yet unknown!) and loads, loads more to bring out the party diva in your friends and family.

With all these props your party will have yet another dimension of fun that It may have otherwise lacked. The Tomfoolery Box makes it so much more than just a load of props and adds the feel of mystery to whatever may lay within. When the box is opened what your party come alive with excitement.