Wedding Breakfast Music

If you are not having live music during your wedding breakfast, it is advisable to have some sort of background music playing.  It simply helps to lift the atmosphere during the meal.  For those in the know, there really is a difference in the “feel” of wedding breakfasts that do and those that do not have any kind of background music playing.

With regards to what to play, again this is very much up to you and the style and feel of the wedding breakfast you are planning.

Your friends and family who are to make speeches, will have hopefully been planning their moment of fame for some time.  There is nothing more frustrating as a speaker knowing that some of your guests are not able to hear your speech properly.  You can see them straining to catch each word, but as soon as the ambient noise rises, such as a baby crying or chair scraping, all is lost.

If you are worried that any carefully chosen words will be lost then just ask.  I can provide you with a discreet PA system with wireless microphone.  You will be shown how to use the microphone properly, so that each speaker will know how to hold it and speak into it, so that all speeches are at the same volume and do not suffer the attack of the feedback noise!